Sunday, March 7, 2021

I'm baaaack. Hair Tracker Update (Reboot!) Part I : March 2021

 Hey everyone! Uh oh, I haven't updated in a really long time.

I mentioned it, but in 2018, after my hair hit my goal of knee length, I cut it back. My hair then reached classic again, and then I cut it back to less than 30" in late 2019. (It was around BSL) I had not had hair so short in years! It was a fun change, but eventually, I decided I'd wanted to grow it back out again, so here I am! :)

Here is my hair today- at 34.5"! I am pretty happy with it overall. Lately I've fallen back into using a deep conditioning treatment every wash, and a cassia treatment every other week. Protein makes its way into my routine about once a week, and I do a diluted henna treatment about once a month or so, just to bring in a bit more red than what I have in my hair naturally. :P short, not much has changed. My routine is still pretty similar- I have my old standby favorites, and a couple of new loves (I've been using Pantene's Sleek and Smooth conditioner as my last conditioner when I wash and it really leaves it soft and tangle-free)

Here's hoping this is a good year for growing (and other things, too, haha)! I hope maybe by December I'll be close to 38" or 39", we'll have to see! :)

Until next time.

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