Saturday, December 22, 2012

~*~Hair Tracker Part 4: December 2012~*~

It's almost the end of 2012! Whee!
Lots of stuff happened this year. So here is my final hair tracker update for 2012. 


My hair's grown a lot this year, and I'm so happy! My hair is in a million times better condition than it was before I cut it off from waist-length to bob. It's thicker, coarser, shinier, softer, and tends to tangle much much less now that I ditched the strong dyes and heat. I also love the color I have now towards my roots- the copper color I've always dreamed of, and tried achieving so many times before, but never successfully.

My routine's been pretty simple, and looks like this:

CO-wash daily with Suave Naturals Cherry Blossom Conditioner
Shampoo as needed
Apply Pantene Ice Shine to length as needed for detangling benefits
Apply Nightblooming's Triple Moon Oil to length and ends
Apply pea-sized amount of Nightblooming's Panacea Winter hair salve to the bottom inch of my hair
Wear my hair up daily
Sleep in a satin sleep cap

Every three weeks, I like to do a full head henna treatment with a dilution of about 65-75% henna to 25-35% cassia with herbs blended in. It works beautifully and helps strengthen my hair.

So what do I want in 2013? It's only a few days away, after all, until the start of an exciting new year.

  • Trim less- I'd like to be able to only have to trim once every other month
  • Achieve shinier, smoother hair- should be easy once this dry winter weather's out of the way!
  • Grow to 27" by the end of the year- I'm on track to hit 27" by next December, provided nothing prevents me from doing so...
  • No heat for the whole year, not even for special occasions

Well, that's all for today. I'm probably going to be back in January, maybe with something new and interesting? Who knows? 

Until next time.