Saturday, December 22, 2012

~*~Hair Tracker Part 4: December 2012~*~

It's almost the end of 2012! Whee!
Lots of stuff happened this year. So here is my final hair tracker update for 2012. 


My hair's grown a lot this year, and I'm so happy! My hair is in a million times better condition than it was before I cut it off from waist-length to bob. It's thicker, coarser, shinier, softer, and tends to tangle much much less now that I ditched the strong dyes and heat. I also love the color I have now towards my roots- the copper color I've always dreamed of, and tried achieving so many times before, but never successfully.

My routine's been pretty simple, and looks like this:

CO-wash daily with Suave Naturals Cherry Blossom Conditioner
Shampoo as needed
Apply Pantene Ice Shine to length as needed for detangling benefits
Apply Nightblooming's Triple Moon Oil to length and ends
Apply pea-sized amount of Nightblooming's Panacea Winter hair salve to the bottom inch of my hair
Wear my hair up daily
Sleep in a satin sleep cap

Every three weeks, I like to do a full head henna treatment with a dilution of about 65-75% henna to 25-35% cassia with herbs blended in. It works beautifully and helps strengthen my hair.

So what do I want in 2013? It's only a few days away, after all, until the start of an exciting new year.

  • Trim less- I'd like to be able to only have to trim once every other month
  • Achieve shinier, smoother hair- should be easy once this dry winter weather's out of the way!
  • Grow to 27" by the end of the year- I'm on track to hit 27" by next December, provided nothing prevents me from doing so...
  • No heat for the whole year, not even for special occasions

Well, that's all for today. I'm probably going to be back in January, maybe with something new and interesting? Who knows? 

Until next time.

Monday, November 12, 2012

~*~Hair Milestone!~*~

Good evening! Wow, I am so excited today!

I've reached a wonderful milestone- for me, at least.

I can now do a (decent?) English braid, and I CAN FINALLY USE A HAIRSTICK AGAIN!
I've been so excited to be able to use a hairstick again, and so I can finally justify the inevitable, upcoming wave of hairtoys I'm about to purchase (and post here, of course).

Take a loooook!!!

My braid. It's a bit...untidy, mostly due to the layers. But at least it's a braid!

The bun I made. It's a bit messy.

Another view.

Woo! What a great discovery! I've been wearing my hair back for a while so I haven't gotten much of an opportunity to experiment with my hair, but I'm glad I did today!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

~*~Hair Tracker Part 3: October 2012~*~

Wow, I have been so, so busy these last few months. I'm going to update today and show everyone how my hair's been growing! I'm so happy! I'm not going to worry so much about being right on the 22nd with my updates from now on, but I'll try to aim for around the same time each month. LHC's been down a lot lately, which leaves me no place to share all my exciting hair news! :( So I guess I'll just share here!

My measurement comes out to...


I've done a few small trims to even out my hair a bit from the layering I did back in February when I cut my hair, so naturally, I lost some length... but I'm really excited! 20" was what I wanted to be at by December, and it's only October! :D Here's a length shot:

I'm almost able to pull all of my hair back, except for one or two strands in the front that slip out, but I'm so, so close it's so exciting! My hair is in awesome shape, too! It's come a long way from February- it's grown four inches since then! Yay!

Okay, so check out these roots:

Everyone that's commented on them really likes them. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I might keep the black ends of my hair from this point onward? It seems like a lot of people really think they're cool. The color is super vibrant red in outdoor lighting. I've discovered that it's a difficult color to photograph. It's kind of fickle and varies drastically in different lighting. It looks like a dark blonde/brown in some lighting, in others, yellowish orange, and in the sun, bright red.

Well, that's all for today. I'm going to be putting up a new review soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

~*~Green Tea: My Alternative to Regular Shampoo~*~

Many people, especially people who choose to grow their hair long, will often opt to shampoo less. For many, shampooing too often can lead to the scalp over-producing oils to compensate for the oils lost during regular shampooing. Many shampoos have very strong cleansers (Sodium Laureth Sulfate, for example) that can be too harsh for daily usage.

So what do you do when the hair needs cleansing, but you don't want to use shampoo? For me, personally, I like to use green tea.
Hooray for Green Tea!

Green tea makes a great cleanser for those times when you want your hair to be nice and clean, but don't want to use a strong shampoo to get there. Green tea has lots of great antioxidants and vitamins that can help you on your way to healthier, better-looking hair, and, it leaves your hair squeaky clean!

My favorite way to prepare green tea for hair rinsing is to fill a large container with near-boiling water. I then add several (usually three) of my favorite green tea bags to the water. I personally use Lipton's green tea since it's inexpensive and really easy to find (Every grocery store around here carries it!). I steep it and cover it with a towel until it is cool- you don't want to pour scorching hot tea on your scalp, after all!

In the shower, I usually start off by lightly conditioning my hair to detangle it- this is important for me because pure green tea without any other ingredients does not add slip to the hair, so it's imperative that I get the knots out of the way before I do a tea rinse. After working the conditioner through my hair and getting the tangles out, I take a small cup and pour the green tea through my hair, using the large container to catch any excess. I repeat this process- probably about 15 times, until my hair is saturated with green tea.

I gently work the green tea into my hair and carefully massage it into my scalp. Don't overdo it, because, as
I stated before, green tea doesn't have anything to give the hair slip, and being too rough can cause the hair to tangle.

After working it through my hair, I rinse with water and lightly condition again. Viola! Squeaky clean hair!

You can add other ingredients to your tea rinse to change the effects of it- some people add ingredients to give a more conditioning effect, or other herbs to give a strengthening effect. Whatever you choose to do, if you're looking for something that can cleanse the hair gently and effectively, give green tea a try!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

~*~Neglected No More!~*~

Oopsies! I kind of let my blog gather dust there for a little while. But have no fear! This month, I'm going to be sharing my wonderful hair progress-(And believe me, it grew! ^^) on the 22nd, as I promised in my first post. I suppose I was just not very consistent since, well, I didn't really think there was a lot of interesting stuff to share about my hair growth.

With short hair, I don't really have a lot to share with everyone, since I can't do a bunch of cool updos and I don't have a need for fun hairtoys, but I think that once it gets a little longer, my blog will be full of fun and exciting updates!

I hope you're looking forward to my update on the 22nd!

Friday, March 23, 2012

~*~Hair Tracker Part 2: March 2012~*~

I'm a day late. A day late!

But it's actually because I have been so incredibly sick this that I haven't been able to do much of anything- even get out of bed, let alone stand up and take shakey length shots and measure my hair. It has been just absolutely awful. Thankfully, today, I'm starting to feel a little bit better! 

With all that said, my current length is:


Here is a length shot:

I have not trimmed since the big chop back in early February. This is a big accomplishment for me! My hair is in amazingly good shape. Now, I've noticed that my hair is uneven from when I did initially cut it. It's probably not obvious in the picture, but looking head-on, you can definitely see that one side is longer than the other. At this point in time, I don't really care too much about that, and am okay with it because it isn't a huge difference in length- it just looks a little lopsided.

 Oh, yes, and here is a picture of my roots:

I actually really like how my roots look. I like the transition from my natural blonde to a red to black. Eventually, it will be a red color, but I've held back on henna so that I can get as even of a result as possible.

That's all I've got to say this month! See you in April! (Hopefully on time!)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~*~Hair Tracker Part 1: February 2012~*~

Well, it's the 22nd. As I've promised, I'm going to be updating my original post with today's measurement...


Hooray! 16"!

And because everybody loves length's one! I tried really hard to get a good, clear picture of what my length is...alas...that can be somewhat difficult with a shaky hand! If my hair looks like it's been oiled, well, that's because it was~

...And just for fun, this is what my roots look like right now!

Cool, huh?

Well, that's all for this month's Hair Tracker update! See you in March!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

~*~REVIEW: Triple Moon Anointing Oil~*~

I've finally had the opportunity to post a review of Nightblooming's Triple Moon Anointing Oil. I feel I've had ample time to give it a try and see if I like it.

Bottle of Triple Moon Oil

There  are a ton of different oils out there that people have used for oiling their hair. My default oil is coconut oil, personally, because my hair tends to become limp and stringy with some of the heavier oils. Oiling the hair at night, for me, is an important step in my haircare routine. Some oils and ingredients are even said to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth! I have also found that daily oiling can help me stretch my washes so I won't have to use shampoo every day. This is great for me, because over-shampooing the hair can actually cause problems for some people, like excessive sebum production and dry hair.

I purchased a 0.5 ounce bottle of the Triple Moon Oil as a trial, and I must say that it is absolutely wonderful!

The small size makes it perfect for a fair trial (I've been using it for about a week now, not just on my hair, and I've still got plenty left) and to carry in your purse, bag, or what have you. The scent is a very natural, herbal, floral, almost perfume-like scent that is not too overpowering, but I find that it is somewhat strong, though it dissipates fairly quickly, provided you don't oil your hair until it is limp. If you're not a fan of natural/perfume scents, this might not be for you, so definitely try it out and see if you like it before buying the full-sized bottle.

The oil is packed with a ton of wonderful ingredients for the hair, let's have a look:

INGREDIENTS LIST (from Nightblooming's Etsy site):

Cold–pressed unrefined sunflower oil, evening primrose oil, shea nut oil, nettle-infused oil, sea buckthorn oil, and the essential oils of bay, birch, cedarwood, german chamomile, lavender, red thyme, rosemary, sage, tea tree, and ylang-ylang.

You can read a breakdown of the list of ingredients (provided by Nightblooming) here at her blog. Needless to say, she has clearly put a lot of thought, research, and time into combining lots of hair-nourishing ingredients into an easy-to-use formula, which is especially helpful for those of us who don't really have the time or know-how to create our own concoctions!

The oil also has another really great use too- as a nail-strengthening oil! I use several drops on my hands and cuticles to help nourish my nails and soften my skin. I usually use heated up olive oil, but sometimes, I don't have access to any and use this instead. The dropper makes it super easy to apply to the fingernails!

The packaging is great. Some oils come in a squeeze bottle or a pump bottle. The Triple Moon Oil comes in a bottle with a little eyedropper for easy application and control of the amount you use. She also sells them without a dropper, but I find that the oil has a very watery consistency that makes the dropper pretty important to ensure a non-messy application.

The only downside is that this oil could leave fine, thin hair limp. I have F/M hair that is not particularly thin, and I have to use it carefully during my day oilings to avoid using too much. However, this is not an issue exclusive to Triple Moon Oil, and can be found with just about any other oil. If you choose to apply it liberally and allow it to soak in, it makes a wonderful deep-treatment oiling!

This has become a staple in my haircare routine, and for good reason. It is excellent, versatile, and perfect for both everyday light oilings, and deep treatments. I recommend it. :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

~*~Nightblooming Haul~*~

Hi everyone.

So I've decided to try out some products from the famous Nightblooming. More specifically, I was trying out two of the hair salves, the Devas herbal hair conditioner, and the Triple Moon Anointing Oil. So far, I am in love with Panacea's Winter Blend Hair Salve as an everyday end treatment, and have used the original blend of Panacea's Hair Salve as a deep treatment.

It's looking like her Triple Moon Anointing Oil is going to be my staple scalp massage oil- it is divine!

And right now, I am currently testing out the Devas herbal hair conditioner.

I will post a more in-depth review of these products once I get the chance to try them out a little bit more.

Stay tuned! :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

~*~Hair Growth Tracker~*~

For those who are curious, this is a tracker I've created to see how my hair has grown! This is just really for me to look at, but of course, anyone's welcome to check out my progress! I'll also be adding some additional comments underneath each month, in case anything interesting happened :)

Hair is measured  near the end of the month each time.

February 2012 ===== 16"

March 2012 =======16.5"

October 2012 ======20"

December 2012 =====21"

January 2013 =======21.5"

February 2013 ======22"

August 2013 ========23"

January 2014========24"

April 2014==========26"

June 2014==========27"

August 2014========28"

October 2014=======29"

December 2014=====30" (Waist Length!)


My name is Maborosi. (That's my username over at LHC)

I've created this blog to track my journey as I grow my hair long, but I expect that mostly, this blog will have lots of product reviews, recipes, hairtoys, hairstyles, updos, etc.

.:A bit of background :.

Up until recently, I had waist-length, chemically-dyed, black hair. I also had a few layers of henna/indigo 2-step processes and straight henna. Due to some health problems and medication switches, my hair began to thin and I was beginning to become frustrated with it. I eventually cut it off to a nice bob so I could focus on my health. (As it turns out, it's pretty freakin' cute!!)

My goal is to have healthy, happy, henna hair. As far as how long, I'm not completely sure yet, but I've always admired classic length, which is about 40" on me.

My main goal right now, though, is to grow the remainder of my black out and be able to grow with a beautiful copper red color that I've always wanted!

Thank you for reading!