Thursday, January 23, 2014

~*~Hair Tracker Part 8: January 2014 and a Happy New Year!! ~*~

Happy belated New Year!! I've been very, very busy lately and have not had the time to really take care of my blog. But, I'm happy to come back to report that, yes, my hair has, in fact, grown since my last update. And I'm going to share a few pictures with everyone!

The picture on the left is from December. The picture on the right is this month. I measured my hair at 24" today. I've cut off a bit to straighten my hemline some. I prefer the look of a blunt hemline, but have never really taken the steps necessary to maintain it! Well now I know how to properly self-trim, and I'd say it doesn't look too bad at all! It's a work in progress.

This year, I really want to make it to waist, which is about 30" on me! I guess that means I'll have to hold off on the scissors if I really want to make it there. Maybe it'll be my Christmas present this year? Fingers crossed...

Next month'll be my 2 year blogging anniversary (!!!), and I have a few reviews that I've got in the pipeline for some new products I've tried (and fallen in love with!), plus my updated routine... And maybe I'll even have a hairstick review or two?

Thanks for reading!!