Monday, April 21, 2014

REVIEW: Henna Sooq's Sweet Honey Enriching Hair Nourisher

Hello, all! Today I've got a review for a product that I simply adore- Henna Sooq's fantastic Sweet Honey Enriching Hair Nourisher!

4oz and 8oz jars 
-The Lowdown-

I like deep conditioning treatments, and honey is a fantastic ingredient for conditioning for many people. It is a humecetant, which means that it draws in moisture from the air. For people, like me, who live in humid climates, this makes it ideal as a hair treatment during the sticky summer months!

This treatment caught my eye on the Henna Sooq website because of its list of hair-friendly ingredients, so I thought that I'd give it a try and see how it went!

-The Ingredients-

pure honey, organic vegetable glycerine, organic sunflower oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, behentrimonium methosulfate (and) cetearyl alcohol, meadowfoam seed oil, panthenol, organic cassia obovata, lemongrass essential oil, and optiphen (preservative) 

(Ingredients list taken from the product page on the Henna Sooq website)

-How to Use-

I've tried this a couple of different ways, but the best that I've found is to CO-wash my hair, then gently squeeze out excess moisture and apply in a thin layer to my hair, concentrating on my ends. I then braid it, or bun it- anything, really, to keep it out of the way, then cover my hair in plastic wrap and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.
The texture is different than pictured on
the site.

It has a putty-like texture (see the pic to the right), which can make it somewhat tricky to work with. If I have a little bit of residual conditoner on my hair from washing, this stuff is so much easier to apply.

After letting it sit on my head for a little while, I rinse it out and towel dry my hair, then apply a bit of my leave-in on my ends. Viola- happy, happy hair!

The first time I used it, I applied way, way, way too much- using almost the entire 4 oz jar on my hair in one go! I was left with limp, grumpy hair, though it was thoroughly detangled! I've discovered that a little bit is all I need. Your mileage may vary, but if you find it weighs down your hair too much, you might want to consider using less and give it another try.

It has a strong, sweet, lemony scent (from the lemongrass essential oil) that does linger in your hair- be aware if you don't like the scent of lemon. I personally love the smell, but some people may not!

-My Thoughts-

Initially, like I said, I used it differently, and was not very happy with my results. Thankfully, I gave it another chance, and I am extremely pleased. This stuff eats my tangles for breakfast and leaves my hair smooth and silky. It has a strong, but sweet, lemony scent- like I said earlier, I love it, but it is definitely not for someone who doesn't tolerate that sort of smell. Incidentally, it does look quite different than the picture on the website- it looks more like a thick honey putty than a creamy conditioner.

It's not too expensive if you use it carefully. I don't use very much- a few little scoops to cover the length of my hair to the tips. I'm currently using my 8oz jar up, and I've gotten about 4 treatments out of it so far- with several more still left in there.

I can use this multiple times a week without any issues. My hair really likes honey a lot, but I reserve it for the more humid months. During the drier winters, honey is a no-go. If you live in a very dry climate, you might want to take that into consideration since honey doesn't always play well with drier air.

I absolutely recommend this treatment- especially if your hair's dry and needs some good moisture. It's got lots of great hair-nourishing ingredients and smells wonderful. Henna Sooq sells it in both 4oz and 8oz sizes.

Here it is on Henna Sooq's website

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hair Tracker Part 9: April 2014

Long time, no see! I've been exceptionally busy as of late, and between everything else eating up my time, and just not feeling up to it, I'd left my blog alone for a while. But now I'm back and ready to write again! I didn't do a big post for February, which is unfortunate because it was my 2-year anniversary, but I still got a photo from then and am happy to share my progress!

I took my hair measurement after hennaing the other night and couldn't believe it! I'm at 26"! On the left is my photo from February, when I measured 24.5".

Hooray!! It looks like my hair's been growing slightly faster than usual. Who knows- maybe I'll finally get to waist by this December?

Next time, I'll post a product review, so keep an eye out for that. :)