Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hairtoy Haul: Kiev Giftshop

Hello, hello!

Today I thought I'd shine the spotlight on a lesser-known hairtoy maker- one that only popped up on my radar thanks to the LHC. That seller is kievgiftshop on etsy.

I looked through as was impressed by the beautiful painted wooden forks and combs (and headbands!) for sale in their shop. I've never really had a hairfork- for the most part, I've mostly limited myself to sticks and clips.

However, one day, I found this fork for sale and knew I wanted to give it a shot- they're not particularly expensive, even with shipping from Ukraine, I figured I could pick up a little gift to myself and see how I liked it.

Hair Fork

After receiving my little present in the mail, I was impressed, to say the least. The comb is strikingly beautiful in my hair. I am absolutely enamored. It is just my style- I love flowers and I love blue. I love black hair accessories that stand out in my hair, so I feel like I made the right choice.

Now, one thing I saw mentioned in its respective  thread on the LHC was the concern over the curvature of the fork. Some people were worried that the curvature would make the fork difficult to work with- here's a picture of what I mean.

When I saw it, I was surprised at how curvy it was, but I have had no trouble whatsoever with this fork in my updos. In fact, this fork holds amazingly well- better than my Ficcare hairclips, I'd say. I'd wager that it has something to do with the curvature.

Fork's curvature

The flowers are beautiful- absolutely gorgeous in person! They're hand-painted with oil paint, as is the rest of the stick, and they are amazing. They are very striking and really stand out. The stick is slightly glossy, as seen in this photo.

Hand painted flowers! Pretty!

I'm definitely going to repurchase. I have since actually ordered a few more forks. They're inexpensive, lightweight, beautiful forks that are unique and hold very well. As someone with frustratingly slippery hair, that is a godsend.

The fork in action

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! Once I receive my new forks, I'll be sure to post some pictures of those, too. Have a great day!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hairtracker Part 13: December 2014 + Happy New Year + Hairtoy Haul

Hello, everyone! Long time no see.

First, thanks as always for stopping by my blog and taking a look! Secondly, hope you all have a Happy New Year! :)

I'm a bit late, but better late than never with my December 2014 length shot! Here's a side-by side comparison between the beginning of this year and December.

I measured at 24" in January, and just a little bit over 30" when I took the last picture. As expected, I hit waist length this year! YAY! I'm really happy- this is about where I was when I cut my hair back in 2012. I'm very happy with the condition and color of my hair overall. In fact, it's so healthy and happy that I haven't trimmed in months, and it doesn't look like I'll need to trim for a while yet. Wow!

My hope is that for 2015, I will be able to reach 36", which, if I'm not mistaken, is around hip or tailbone length for me. I don't think this is going to be an issue unless there's a catastrophe with my hair.

Also, I want to invest in a nice camera so I can take pictures of my horde of hairtoys. It's small- for now, but growing at a rather alarming pace. Since my last TT post, I've acquired 3 more sticks and 3 Flexi-8's. Here's a nice shot of my little hairtoy family while it's still in its infancy.

Yup, I'm up to 4 TT sticks. The two hairsticks on the left next to each other are from the wonderful HairJems Etsy store. Those are some of my favorite "going-out" sticks.

Speaking of which, here's some shots of my latest acquisition- that beautiful TT holly stick on the far right.

Pictures never do these sticks justice. They're so beautiful in person.

And, of course, the obligatory TT family picture....

Hard to say which one is my favorite. They're all really unique and cool. I think I still favor my first stick, but this new one is quickly becoming my most-worn treasure. It just looks so fabulous.

I'd like to do a write-up on Flexi-8's, too. I hope you all will stick around and look forward to it! Until then, have a wonderful day and a Happy New Year! :)