About Me

Hello, I'm maborosi and this is my little hair blog.

I started my hair journey in early 2011 with BSL, chemically-dyed, heat-damaged black hair that definitely needed some help. After lurking on a few long hair message boards, I decided to change my routine for the better and begin taking better care of my hair. I discovered the two-step henna and indigo process for dyeing hair black, and was hooked.

Eventually, though, I became tired and frustrated with my hair, and began to color my roots with only henna. In early 2012, I cut my hair, which had reached waist-length, to a chin-length bob. Since then, I've used all the knowledge I'd gained from many helpful hair sites to grow awesome, super healthy hair!

This blog is for me to track my progress and review different products. Please note that all of my product reviews are my personal, honest opinion, and I am not compensated in any way for providing them.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Very interesting! I've started my hair journey when I joined...www.longhaircommunity.com site back in 2010. The shortest my hair has ever been a chin lengh bob too. But now, since then I have grown my hair out to BSL, and on the way to MBL!!! Yay!!!!!

    1. Congrats! :D
      Love the LHC- so much great advice and a really wonderful, kind and supportive community! Happy growing!! :)

    2. Thank you! :D
      I also love the LHC as well! It has helped me out a lot in me growing my hair back to the length that it was when I was little, and it's also helping me to grow it out to super lengths that I really want! Which is Ankle Length. Yes, I totally agree with you that the LHC is a really wonderful, kind and supportive community too! Happy Growing to you too!! :)