Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hairtoy Haul: Timberstone Turnings

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a lovely day.

Today, I thought I'd showcase a hairstick that I'd recently purchased, because, let's be honest, what's a long hair blog without some hairtoy action shots?

This particular stick comes from Timberstone Turnings. When I first came upon this etsy shop, I was taken aback by how beautiful- and expensive- the sticks were! I debated and turned it over in my mind lots of times, checking up on the shop and trying to find something I liked. I am an extremely picky shopper, especially when it comes to anything for my hair, so I ended up not purchasing anything for months.

Until, one day, I saw this stick for sale and I knew instantly it was the one for me.

I ended up purchasing it, hoping that it would be worth the fairly hefty price tag. I received it a few days later, and let me just say, no photos do this amazing stick justice. It is a true work of art.

 First off, the paua shell inlays are incredible. They catch the light so beautifully- they shimmer this beautiful almost-turquoise color. The wood is polished and incredibly smooth, yet this stick manages to hold my extremely slippery hair in place just fine.

And of course, the resin topper- wow! It is fantastic. It's got gold leaf, and clovers (and mine has a couple of blossoms in there!) along with sparkly pearl essence. It is SO pretty.
I'm happy to know that I'm supporting a very talented artist, and I feel like these sticks are absolutely worth the money. Yes, they are pricey, but I haven't found too many hairstick crafters whose quality really stands up next to the sticks from Timberstone Turnings.

The only drawback is that this stick is sort of short. That's not really TT's fault so much as it is my own, as I didn't realize that my hair is thicker than I thought. Its total length is 6 1/4", and my hair eats a lot of that, making it somewhat difficult to show off the designs (especially the inlays) in most buns that I do, like my preferred braided buns. It seems to look best when  it's in center-hold buns like the nautilus bun or lazy wrap bun.

When I purchase from them in the future, I'll have to consider a custom order for a longer stick.

It holds my hair well, though, which was surprising considering that I have difficulty with my updos sliding around because my hair is very slippery.

I hope you enjoyed my review! I'll definitely be back in the future with more posts about my hairtoys! :) I hope to turn this into a regular feature of this blog. Thanks for reading!!


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