Monday, February 20, 2017

Crochet Braid: One Year Later

Last year, I made an attempt at a crochet braid. For those who don't know, a crochet braid is not a braid at all, but actually a bun that, if you have hair long enough (or thin enough), looks like a giant, thick, and short, braid.

Here is a great video from Gossamer (who has floor-length hair) demonstrating a crochet braid!

The picture on the left shows my attempt in February 2016, and the picture on the right shows my attempt today!

My hair was a bit past hip length then, and is hovering around classic length now- probably about a 6" difference.

Unfortunately, I don't believe this is a style I feel quite comfortable with yet, but maybe a bit further down the road, I can have a nice-looking crochet braid! I think Gossamer is right that hair should probably be at least classic before this style can really be attempted, but, of course, if you have thinner hair, a crochet braid could definitely be feasible before then, too!

Hope you all have a great day! :)

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  1. I had very long hair till i went to the hairdressers they cut way to muh of it got from bad to worce im still trying to grow it all back got any tips its all difrent lenths now wich i dont like i miss my very long hair .. and love to see others with theres will always tell them dont cut it of :)