Thursday, February 16, 2012

~*~Nightblooming Haul~*~

Hi everyone.

So I've decided to try out some products from the famous Nightblooming. More specifically, I was trying out two of the hair salves, the Devas herbal hair conditioner, and the Triple Moon Anointing Oil. So far, I am in love with Panacea's Winter Blend Hair Salve as an everyday end treatment, and have used the original blend of Panacea's Hair Salve as a deep treatment.

It's looking like her Triple Moon Anointing Oil is going to be my staple scalp massage oil- it is divine!

And right now, I am currently testing out the Devas herbal hair conditioner.

I will post a more in-depth review of these products once I get the chance to try them out a little bit more.

Stay tuned! :)

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