Monday, November 12, 2012

~*~Hair Milestone!~*~

Good evening! Wow, I am so excited today!

I've reached a wonderful milestone- for me, at least.

I can now do a (decent?) English braid, and I CAN FINALLY USE A HAIRSTICK AGAIN!
I've been so excited to be able to use a hairstick again, and so I can finally justify the inevitable, upcoming wave of hairtoys I'm about to purchase (and post here, of course).

Take a loooook!!!

My braid. It's a bit...untidy, mostly due to the layers. But at least it's a braid!

The bun I made. It's a bit messy.

Another view.

Woo! What a great discovery! I've been wearing my hair back for a while so I haven't gotten much of an opportunity to experiment with my hair, but I'm glad I did today!

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