Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hair Tracker Part 18: May 2016

Happy May, and wow it's been a while!

But good news- I have temporarily resolved my camera situation and can take some photos- YAY! They may not be too good, but, well, it's better than nothing, I suppose! Since my last update, wow, the time's really flown, huh?

And I'm measuring in at 37.5"! Yes!

What a fun shot. I'm getting to the point now where I've had to change my location where I take my photos because it's hard to really grasp just how long my hair is getting without comparing it to the rest of my body! :P

I had an opportunity to give the Crea Clip a shot, and, well, I think it'll be a staple in my haircutting arsenal for sure- it gives a really excellent, neat, crisp hemline and I'll definitely use it again!

I'll see you guys again soon! Hopefully, I'll have a bit better of a camera then. :P

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