Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hair Tracker Part 17: February 2016- 4 years of growing

Hi everyone. Today's a special day on my hair blog! This update marks 4 years of hair-growth tracking, hair-blogging fun! I am really excited to take a look back and see how my hair has changed.

4 years of growth. 
At these lengths, it's getting more and more challenging 
to get my hair to cooperate for a length shot, it seems.

My hair has grown a lot. I started from 16" in February of 2012, and am now at 36.5" today in February 2016. Years ago, 36" was my original goal length, and, of course, thanks to LHC, I want to grow longer!

I've spent a couple of months here and there maintaining to keep my hemline as even and thick as I can. It seems to have paid off- my hair doesn't have too much taper, and as I'm growing beyond hip, it's still pretty thick at the ends.

Ever since bleaching back in November, I have been diligently watching my ends for splits. I regularly trim off any splits that pop up. Due to my hair being longer than it ever has been, and the fact that I did bleach it, I have noticed a slight increase in splits. But it's not a catastrohpic amount- nothing that warrants cutting off a lot of hair. In the coming months, we'll see if that changes, but for now, my hair is in really good shape.

My hope is that by next year, I'll be close to classic length. Fingers crossed that by the end of 2016, I'll be hovering around 40". I'd like to continue maintaining a straight hemline, and have considered purchasing a Crea Clip, after reading some nice reviews of it online.

All in all, I'm happy with my hair and I'm looking forward to growing to new lengths!


  1. Your hair grown very quickly! you're lucky! and its so beautyfull <3
    My need to grow classic almost 8 years