Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hairstyle of the Week Part 3: Hawser Braid

Hi, everyone. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! I've been test running some new products, which I hope to get to do in-depth reviews for.

This week's hairstyle of the week is a fun one- the hawser braid.
In order to do the hawser braid, you should know how to rope braid.
It's accomplished by rope-braiding 2 rope braids together.

This is a really cool braid- it's basically a mock 4-strand braid, and I find it's actually much faster to do than a true 4-strand doesn't tire out my fingers as much, either! (And that's always a good thing, haha!)

It looks really neat, always gets a ton of compliments, and eats up length! I've found that with some of these combo braids, shorter hair will feel stiffer in them. As your hair gets longer, you'll be able to do these more easily, and they won't be as stiff.

I think around waist is when I began doing this one, though I like how it looks much more now at just-past-hip-length! :)

First, we'll start off with a ponytail, like so:

I like scrunchies! This is a silk scrunchie- much gentler on hair than regular elastics.

Then, split the ponytail into two sections and rope braid each one. Make sure the rope braids are both going in the same direction! Tie those off.

 Next, you'll rope braid these two braids together together tightly- and...

You have the hawser braid! Just tie it off at the end and enjoy!
You can see that this is a great braid to shorten the hair with. It takes my nearly TBL-length hair and brings it up to just below waist.

Here's a closer shot showing it a bit better:

I hope you enjoyed this week's Hairstyle of the Week!

If you'd like to keep up with these, you can check out this page for my previous updates.

See you next week!

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