Monday, February 22, 2016

Hairstyle of the Week Part 2: 2-strand Rope Braids!

Hey everyone!

So this week's hairstyle of the week is one of my go-tos. It's a simple, quick, and easy braid that can serve as a base to a lot more complicated, intricate styles! It's the rope braid.

You can also see that, due to the twisting involved, this braid can eat up quite a bit of length! This is useful if you, for whatever reason, wish to shorten your hair. I like to start with a ponytail to hold this one, as it serves as a secure base to make sure it doesn't untwist. In this example, I'm using a silk scrunchie!

I like this style- it's fast, easy to learn, and it looks really cool, too. People really like this one, and I get lots of compliments wearing it this way!

I like it more than the other 2-strand braid I know, the herringbone braid. This one doesn't take more than about a minute to do, tops, and holds just fine.

The 2-strand rope braid is useful to learn- it can be used in buns, and it is also involved in more complex braids, one of which I'll be covering next time. :)

I hope you guys will check out next week!

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